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After Phileas Fox, all children will continue to their chosen Independent pre-preps, bilingual schools, or local primary schools. Our teachers have good knowledge of these schools and their requirements. We discuss your school choices and preparation in detail and support you and your child every step of the way to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 


Over the years our children have progressed to: Arnold House, The Hall, Falkner House, Bute House, Knightsbridge School, The Village, Wetherby, Garden House, Chepstow House, Hereward House, Bassett House, St Christopher's, Hill House, Connaught House, Abercorn School, Eaton House, L'ecole Bilingue, Sarum Hall, The American School, Queens College, Southbank International, Kensington Wade, Dulwich College, Newton Prep, Hampstead Hill School, EIFA, Thomas's School, Notting Hill Prep, Jeannine Manuel, Mulberry House, Highgate, UCS, St Christina's, Pembridge Hall. 


We'd be delighted to discuss with you how to navigate the independent school system at pre-prep and further.




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