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About our Teachers

Gemma Fox, Head of Phileas Fox Nursery School

Head Teacher of Nursery School

During my career of twenty years, I have worked in various Early years settings and have been at Phileas Fox Nursery School for the last six years, first as the Deputy, and then as a Head of School.  


At our school, children’s education delivered through the multilingual approach that is securely embedded within the programme is of the utmost importance. We place a lot of emphasis on their emotional well-being in all elements of the curriculum. It is crucial that the children are supported in being able to understand their feelings and emotions, expressing themselves, growing confidence, and social development. By the time children leave Phileas Fox, we ensure that they are well prepared to transition to their next school with a passion for learning and exploring.


The vision of Phileas Fox Nursery School is to provide a happy medium between teaching the children academically and holistically through multilingual education. Along with the language, we acknowledge and celebrate the cultures and customs of different countries. We believe it is important for children to develop long-lasting friendships, learn from each other, and value the diversity of each other’s backgrounds. Our dedicated team is our most important resource and has been carefully selected for their passion for working with children, experience, and professionalism. We regard our environment as a third teacher and it has been purposefully created to enable children to learn through new experiences and to develop and consolidate new skills.


Parents and carers are valued partners in our learning journey, as they are their child’s first educators and we encourage a strong relationship with the families that join the school to work together for the utmost benefit of the children. 

At Phileas Fox Nursery School, each child has two dedicated key persons who form a strong relationship with the child and are responsible for their learning and progress. If a child’s first language is one of those that we teach, they benefit from the additional emotional support from that teacher.


Native-speaking teachers have been carefully selected for their experience in working with young children. All the activities and learning are planned in both languages taking into account the interests and the language ability of the children.


The staff ratio for the two to three-year-old children is one teacher to every four children. We strive to maintain the same staff ratio even after they turn three.


At Phileas Fox we have two full-time housekeepers who look after the school meticulously, leaving the teachers to concentrate on their work with the children.

Nursery school teacher reading to children
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