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How to be involved in your child's learning

Parents are the child's first educators. Research shows that children with a secure attachment and involved primary carers from early childhood have higher educational outcomes. So how can parents remain involved in their child's learning when they are at a nursery?

  1. Find out how your school involves parents before you start. How regular is the feedback and in what form? Are there opportunities for Stay and Play sessions or any events for parents? Nowadays most nurseries have embraced technology and have online learning journals that document children's progress. Be active on it, and remember that communication flows both ways!

  2. Speaking of communication- please share important information with the school. Anything that is related to your child's health or changes in home circumstances which may affect learning and development should be communicated to the teachers. It is all confidential and nobody will judge, but knowing of any potential issues will give the teachers better tools to meet the needs of your child.

  3. Learning is happening all the time. You don't need to set up educational activities for your child after school- they get plenty of it there. Let them play freely- the best possible lesson for creativity. Let them watch you fold the laundry and give you a hand. Pause and look at a snail together, or snuggle up with a story. Children learn so much by watching and it is important to keep it natural and fun.

Parenting is not easy and it does not come with a manual. As we celebrate My Family this week, we want to acknowledge all the families out there, that come in all shapes and sizes, and say that you are doing great!


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