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Music is the answer

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy! With so much going on at the moment, if you and your child are feeling sad, scared, tired, bored or are about to snap, put on some music! It is the best quick fix to lighten up any mood and lift spirits. Make sure to join in the dancing- make up new moves and have fun. Below are the feel-good songs that we like in all of our school languages, and a bonus one! Enjoy!

1. Don't Worry, Be Happy- classic, and the video is pretty funny too!

2. Russian song- "Friendship begins with a smile". A feel-good song from a popular cartoon that keeps on giving to generations of children since 1974. A kind song about how a smile makes everyone warmer and creates friendships.

3. French song- Claude Francois "Cette annee la" (1976). A feel-good disco song about a great year, with some groovy dance moves.

4. Mandarin song- "快樂天堂 (Kuàilè tiāntáng) Happy Paradise", performed by a group of talented primary school students, "泰武古謠傳唱 Taiwu Children's Ancient Ballads Troupe" (2010). It is about a secret place where animals (elephant, peacock, hippo, eagle) and children shared the happiness and laughter in this happy paradise.

5. Bonus song- La Vida Es Bonita by Hector Lavoe (1985). A classic salsa number about loving, singing, laughing, believing and being happy because Life is Beautiful. An opportunity to brush up on Spanish too!


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